EE signal booster

The largest and most efficient wireless network service provider title is held by EE limited in the UK. It provides voice and data services on 2G, 3G and 4G networks, where 2G covers almost 99% of the population and 97% population is covered in its 3G radius. The operating frequency for the 2G services is 1800 MHz while the 3G services work on the 1800/2100 MHz frequency band.

Though being the largest covered network base, EE lags behind in the signal receptions in a few areas in the UK as well. Rural parts, underground areas, urban locations with skyscrapers make the signal reception difficult for the cell phones. Which is why we offer you the top quality EE signal booster for enhancing the functionality of the network communication. Our EE boosters are perfectly compatible to be operated within the described frequency range and can be installed in any place you wish it to be operational.

Whether it is voice services or data usages, nothing will suffer the frequent disconnections due to the unmatched amplification attribute of our highly effective mobile boosters. Our 24×7 support team is always there to help you any of your queries and guide with everything from installation to functionality analysis.

So if you need a mobile booster to support your EE networks and strengthen them to the maximum, then you should definitely have our EE mobile signal booster installed.