3 Signal Booster

Probably the fastest growing wireless network service provider in the UK, Three mobile has been serving to a vast consumer base since 2003 with its 3G and 4G services. Three mobile doesn’t engage itself in 2G services and is limited to 3G and 4G. Since 3G and 4G networks have higher functionality, are more recent than traditional 2G, the signal availability is also compromised at a higher level in several areas in the UK.

The signal receptions can be enhanced and amplified using three signal booster, which is specially designed to be operated on the frequency bandwidth upon which three mobile networks operate. 3 signal booster works effectively and at full compatibility with the 2100 MHz frequency band at which the 3G services are operated by Three mobile.

You can filter out the three signal boosters according to your intended needs and requirements, such as place of operations, coverage area, signal type etc. Everyone within the coverage range of the three signal booster will get the benefit of the full signal bar on their cell phones to enjoy the enriched and upgraded experience of 3G and 4G services which become faster than ever with the 3 mobile signal booster. The installation process is a piece of cake and gets done quickly. Our dedicated 24×7 support team is always ready and happy to be of any assistance to you.